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Routine breeding managment of mares

Equiception has its own private clinic for the cycle and fertility management of our clients’ mares. Here, among other things, inseminations and gestation checks are carried out. Our clinic provides 24-hour care to deliver a customised service, responding accurately to the cycle of our clients’ mares. The well-being of mares in our care is our priority; as a healthy and settled mare responds positively with improved fertility. We have facilities to provide short term stabling for mares.

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Equiception specialises in intensive reproductive treatments and therapies to maximise the chances of mares with fertility issues falling pregnant. Our vets are experts in investigating uterine inflammation and infections, treating uterine cysts and surgical repair of the cervix, vagina and the removal of scar tissue that can hinder fertility.

We tailor our service to each individual mare understanding that one size does not fit all. With the health and wellbeing of your mare at the forefront of everything we do, we continually consult with you to agree the best way forward to maintain and improve the fertility of your mare.