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Jaimy oude Wesselink Equiception - Equiception - EN



Equiception General Manager. Calm and personable, a man of integrity. Passionate about equine show jumping with an in-depth knowledge of mare lines, stallions and contacts within the industry.

In his early days Jaimy worked for a number of top Dutch international riders as a groom, learning the culture and developing an extensive network of contacts. In 2004, he began working at the Eurocommerce stable and breeding station. Here his skills and passion for equine breeding began, collecting stallions, extending and freezing some of the top jumping stallions of the time. In 2008 he accepted a position at the University of Utrecht Clinic for Horses in the Reproduction Department. He quickly became integral to the running of the department and was associated with much of its commercial growth. Well respected by staff and students alike, he valued his time at the University, allowing him to extend his clinical knowledge and develop skills in management.

Equiception is fortunate that he made the decision to join our team in May 2018, a move that has undoubtedly made the business stronger. Jaimy is well versed in all aspects of equine reproduction, providing sound advice to our clients. He is an active member of the KWPN, breeding foals every year and regularly attending events. He is a believer in the viability of OPU/ICSI for the modern sport horse breeder, demonstrating this by applying the technology in his own breeding program.