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Cyriel Ververs

Cyriel graduated in 2009 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University (BE), where he remained for almost 10 years in the Reproduction and Obstetrics Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. During his time with the university, his focus was on the assisted reproductive techniques of the horse. He supervised stud farms in the field of embryo transfer and was involved in optimizing the Ovum Pick-Up technique (OPU). Cyriel obtained his specialist title from the European College of Animal Reproduction in 2016 and his PhD in 2018, whereby he and his wife then left for a foreign adventure in the United Arab Emirates. Here he worked for more than two years at Sharjah Equine Hospital. Cyriel likes a multi-species approach using the insight it can provide to improve existing techniques in the horse. In addition to his work in horses, he also likes to deal with reproductive challenges of endangered species.